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Explore the past,
Navigate the future.

From touching mammal fur to throwing lines, we have a wide variety of programs that fit the needs of all ages and class sizes!

Field Trips

We have more than 10 different field trip lessons to choose from! From the tiniest critters to the largest riverboats, we cannot wait to teach your class about everything on, in, or near the river! 

Free Opportunities

Some of our programs are sponsored, which means that are FREE to you! Please read more about the free programs before requesting to book. Programs are free to designated grades. 

Outreach Programs

We'll come to you, too! Most of our field trip lessons can be accommodated for the classroom. 


We offer discounted admission for large groups! These admission prices are for all groups of 10 or more people. This does not include a program. 

Adults: $10 per person

Children: $5 per person

To get in touch with our Education Coordinator, Russell Orr

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