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program guide

Programs include a hands-on activity and a tour of the museum. 

Driving the boat simulator may be included if time permits. 

Please read our Field Trip Policy before booking a field trip or program. It is available on the registration form as well.


free programs

We currently offer free programs for Kindergarten and 3rd Grade! Learn more about Annabelle on the Map and Skippers and how you can participate!

Specialized programs

While these programs have recommended age groups, they can be designed around any age group.

Please see program information for pricing.

Each class has a maximum of 25 students. Classes more than 25 students will need to be divided into two groups. 


mighty steam machines

Many students are unaware how and why steam engines are used. The mighty steam engine has been around for three centuries powering very large machines: boats! Students will learn the history of the steamboats and have the opportunity to build and test their own creations powered by steam!

Requires an open flame and boiling water.

Recommended for 5th grade and higher.

animal encounters

Creatures of all kinds dwell in and around our nation's rivers. We can serve as a venue for students to observe and interact with a number of these animals in a safe environment. 

Please be mindful of live animals.

mound builders

The stories of those who came before us are recorded in the Earth. Children will learn about and excavate artifacts typical of the Southeartern Ceremonial Complex.

Requires intricate digging and careful analysis.

Recommended for 4th grade and higher.

General programs

These programs are designed around your curriculum and your students' age group.

$125 per Class

Each class has a maximum of 25 students. Classes more than 25 students will need to be divided into two groups. 

under the river

It's easy to see the river's surface, but what's going on underneath it? This lesson teaches of the abundant animals, mountains of sediments, unusual plants, levels of water, and the interactions between it all that shapes the river. 

Image by Annie Spratt

Trail of Tears

This lesson facilitates a sobering discussion of the Native American people who occupied these lands but were forced to move westward without hope of ever returning home. 

river navigation

Rivers are this nation's oldest highways. Like any other highway, there are rules and skills needed to efficiently and safely navigate them. Students will learn about navigational tools used in the past and test their understanding of modern day technology. 

Mountain Lake

river explorers

Learn about the bold, brave, and determined people who explored and mapped this nation's waterways system and what caused them to venture into the unknown. 


This is a lesson for our furry friends who live in or near the river. Students will learn about their sleep and eating habits and their social interactions, if they have any. Students will be given a chance to touch the fur/hair of a variety of mammals from this region. 

A book is accompanied for 1st grade and lower. 



River ecosystems are extremely biodiverse, and reptiles, like our turtle, Annabelle, utilize the river for their shelter and food. You may even get to meet Annabelle!


Insects are the most numerous category of animals on the earth and have a variety of fascinating critters to study. Students can learn about anything from the rainbow sheen of a beetle to the life cycles of the Monarch butterfly! 

Image by Elizabeth


Get caught up in all the amazing exploits of arachnids! From exotic glowing scorprions to friendly neighborhood web spinner, this lesson focuses on all the eight-legged creepy-crawlies. Learn why these creatures should be admired and which ones should be admired for a distance. 

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