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Before purchasing a camp online, please email to see if there are any available spots. 


Please download the file after checkout and email to


Dates and Grades: Note that camps are determined by the grade they will be entering in the fall of 2024.

June 10-14 (Entering 1st & 2nd Grades)

June 24-28 (Entering 3rd & 4th Grades)

July 8-12 (Entering 3rd & 4th Grades)

July 22-26 (Entering 1st & 2nd Grades)

Each week is designed around that camp's age group; we will only accept children within the grade requirements. 


Welcome to the ultimate summer camp experience! This year, we're going on an adventure to explore the world's most extreme animals! Get ready to discover the hottest and coldest wildlife on the planet, from the creatures in water hotter than the boiling point to the animals that can survive being frozen solid.


We'll also learn about the biggest and smallest animals, from the towering dinosaurs to the tiniest insects, and even animals too small to see!  We can't forget about the highest and lowest creatures, from soaring eagles to deep-sea creatures that dwell in the darkest depths of the ocean. Finally, we'll race to discover the fastest and slowest animals, and learn about all kinds of critters, from the ponderous sea turtle to the striking snake. Get ready for an epic journey into the wild world of extreme animals!


Summer Camp: Unrivaled Animals

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